Connecting With Nature

trailAlthough there have been studies published about many health benefits associated with spending time outdoors, it doesn’t take a scientific analysis to realize that being outdoors just feels good. Whether it’s a walk in the park, tending a garden, watching a sunset, climbing a mountain or skiing down one, you can’t deny it: we belong in nature.

The more you become engaged with the outdoors, the more you realize that a trailhead is not only a physical place, but something more. Trailheads can serve as a life-changing gateway; leading to healthy and beautiful experiences, and places where happiness and inspiration are found.

While outdoors, get in touch with your adventurous spirit. Try something new or revisit the familiar as if for the first time. Your experience doesn’t have to be distant or exhaustive. Make it fun! You can plan a special trip or be guided on an organized outing. You can take a solo walk into town for brunch or plan a sunset rendezvous with others. Whenever leaving your home or workplace, consider bringing a sketch pad, camera, sound recorder, binoculars, or journal. If you have different shades of sunglasses, bring them all for that special panoramic rest stop. If you have a guitar or telescope, consider bringing it to that bonfire or campsite gathering you have been looking forward to. If children are part of your life, plan an outing with them using their ideas and perspective to help design a rewarding experience for everyone.

There are many adventures out there waiting for you and the ideas mentioned here are just the tip of a metaphorical iceberg. Applying the underlying themes of adventure and exploration can be an invigorating way to get from here to there. So go ahead and be playful as you see, think, and dream new things!