Something Different


When it comes to outdoor adventure, the options are vast. Here are some recommendations for both on and off the trail.

Airborne Adventure
Up-up-and-away! Get a birds-eye view of nature without all the work. Here are some resources to get you started:
African Balloon Safaris
Find an Event: Balloon Events Organisation
Find an Event: Hot Air Balloon

Ever wonder what it takes to keep those habitats, trails, and views looking beautiful? Be a part of something bigger with traditions that go back eons and affect future generations. To get started, look up a local land trust or conservation group and ask them if they would take on a volunteer for their next project. Some projects are a few hours, some a full day, and some longer. You can go yourself or bring some friends with you. Either way, you will be making some great memories. Some resources for finding a group:
American Hiking Society
American State Parks  select a park, then enter select volunteer
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Conservation Trust North Carolina
Ocean Conservation Society  marine mammal surveys
Sea Turtles
The Nature Conservancy
Volunteer Portal  use the map or agency icons on bottom of page
Whale and Dolphin Field Research Internship
Wolves & Moose of Isle Royale

A different kind of vacation. You will join other like-minded folks who are making a difference for our planet in so many ways. Much of the price for these experiences are to pay for accommodations, food, local transportation, support for volunteers, and operating costs. Some resources to get you started:
National Geographic
The Nature Conservancy

Getting Wet
In addition to getting a different perspective of your natural surroundings, splashing and getting wet can be a refreshing way to have fun.
Adventure Kayak  featured destinations
Canoe & Kayak Magazine  select Travel to view international destinations
Popular Mountain Swimming Holes in North Carolina
Scuba Diving

Heart Warming Gatherings in Natural Settings
We are starting a list of unique and intimate getaway events that take place in spectacular natural settings. Feel free to send us your recommendations.
Nebraska Crane Festival  80% of the planet’s crane population stop here while migrating
Swannanoa Summer Gatherings  week-long folk art workshops at Warren Wilson College

Kids Outside
Opportunities to immerse your young ones with nature are plentiful. Visit our Kids Outside page for some year-round and summer ideas.

Snow Adventures
Going off the beaten path when there is snow on the ground can be exciting, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Besides the risk of getting lost, frostbite, and buried, snow covers hazards that can lead to some serious consequences. If snow adventure is calling to you despite these inherent risks, here are a few links to check to help you get started:
American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education
How to Get Started With Backcountry Ski Sports
Ski Touring: 16 Things to Know

Treasure Hunting
Whether it is the growing international craze of geocaching (a relatively economical way to find modest treasures) or good old fashion sunken ships (a potentially costly way to find the treasures most of us read about), there is something out there for you.
An Introduction to Modern Day Treasure Hunting
Geocaching  worldwide locations – can be done with a GPS app on your smartphone
Hunting for Gems  a top-10 list
Treasure Net  for the more serious hunting ideas


If you have had an extraordinary outdoor adventure experience and would like to recommend to others, let us know!